Freelance Networking Event

18th of June, at 13:00 [BST]

Connect with like-minded professionals and build meaningful relationships!

We all know freelancing can feel a little lonely at times. But it doesn’t have to! Connecting with like-minded freelancers who are also trying to do good, and understand the highs and lows, can make all the difference.

That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Alt Marketing School to bring you the next networking event!

This will be a great chance to meet inspiring new people, learn of new opportunities and build and expand the support network that every freelancer needs.

It’s free, and it’s hosted online, so you can attend it from anywhere in the world! 

What to expect?

  • An hour of inspiring meetings and new connections
  • Conversations in breakout groups of no more than 4 people
  • Opportunities to find potential collaborators
  • A chance to ask for one thing you need help with, whether it’s an introduction, an accountability buddy, or business advice
  • A follow-up sheet to nurture your new connections post-event

Hosted by FFG and Alt Marketing School

To deliver a networking event that is time well spent for all participants, we are joining forces with our friends at Alt Marketing School!

Alt Marketing School is a modern school that teaches positive impact marketing. Their library of live and on-demand courses, extensive resources and podcast are great for anyone wanting to dive deeper into the world of marketing for positive impact, so be sure to check them out!

Your hosts:

Fab Giovanetti

Founder of Alt Marketing School

Maja Nenadov Webster

Co-founder of Freelancing For Good


Our very first networking event is happening on 16th of May, starting at 13:00 BST, and it will last for an hour.

This is an online networking event.

We will start the event with an introduction and an elevator pitch from everyone who joins us to break the ice.

After the introduction, we will move into breakout sessions with no more than four people for networking.

After the breakout sessions, to finish the event we will encourage everyone to share ‘one ask’.

Your ‘ask’ should be a specific request for help you need, like an introduction or a particular connection.


The breakout sessions are small groups of no more than four, aimed at fostering deeper connections, sharing experiences, and exploring potential collaborations.

One session lasts for 20 minutes, and everyone will participate in two breakout sessions.

If you like, you will have one minute to deliver an elevator pitch to either the entire group or within smaller breakout groups. This is just so we can all get to hear what you do and get to know you a little bit.

Don’t worry, we will provide you with a pitch example before the event to help you prepare it.

While we encourage everyone to share their pitch, there is no pressure to.

To ensure you’re included in the follow-up communications, but also to have a chance to connect with other people you didn’t have time to talk to during the event, everyone will fill out a lead sheet with your contact details and key information at the beginning of the event.

This lead sheet is private and exclusive only to registered participants of the event, and will not be shared with anyone else.

Yes, the event is completely free.

The event is hosted online via Sessions, enabling you to join from anywhere globally. You will receive access details upon registration, and there is no need to download any external applications.

It won’t be recorded.