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We are a community of freelancers who use our careers to make the world a better place. Inject meaning into your work, save real lives and find motivation in doing good.

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Grow your career while helping the world's most effective charities

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1. Resources

Learn more about how you can find meaningful work – and ensure that your career has a genuine, measurable impact on the world.

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Get inspired by other freelancers and entrepreneurs. Find guidance, support and community on your freelance  journey.

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Commit to donating a small percentage of your earnings to the most impactful charities on the planet. Whether you want to inject meaning into mundane work, or outsource your altruism.

Find your calling

You’re used to working on different projects each day, for different clients.

Most freelancers have no thread running through their careers. They do random projects for random clients – and it can all start to feel a little hollow.

That’s why Freelancing for Good exists. We are a community of freelancers who are passionate about using our careers and unique skills to do as much as good as we can.

There are different ways to do good. You can find work that matters, or join thousands of others in committing to donate a percentage of your profits to effective organisations.

Sign up to learn more and find out how you too can start Freelancing for Good and find the energy, motivation and fulfilment that comes from helping others.

Don’t hesitate and go for it. If things don’t work out, that’s okay. Mistakes are
part of the learning process..

– Jason Cotrebil

In the realm of freelancing, where creative expertise meets the desire to make a difference, remarkable individuals are using their skills to...
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